As pretty much anyone who has ever set foot on the Web knows, the internet is for two things: Shopping on Amazon and complaining. Thanks to message boards, Twitter and Facebook, there are more places than ever for people to not only voice their opinions, but take part in what we like to call CCW: Collective Community Whining.

Now, this isn’t only true of sea-fairing folk. Take a look at the message boards devoted to soap operas, political discussions or, heck, the works of Anne Rice, and you’re likely to find more people complaining than praising. And studies show that this is true of life in general: People are more likely to tell their friends about a bad dining experience they’ve had than a good one. Apparently, that’s just human nature.

But maybe, just maybe, some cruisers are making things seem worse than they really are. Here are 8 things folks are most likely to be fired up about after they get off their latest cruise… as well as our thinking on why they might simply need to take a chill pill!

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