You know how people say, “This ain’t your grandma’s fill-in-the-blank”?
Well, for a long time, many people thought that Holland America was your grandma’s cruise line!

And this was far from an insult, as the company has long embraced both its Dutch heritage and reputation for being a more traditional-leaning cruise line. But if our recent voyage upon the fleet’s newest ship, ms Koningsdam, is any indication, it would appear that Holland America has managed to do the darn-near impossible by continuing to embrace tradition while making itself appealing to a wider audience, including those much younger than the passengers who’ve comprised their core audience in the past. So what’s different? Let’s take a look.

1. The Public Areas

Main Dining Room.

On many ships, these spaces can feel both cramped and difficult to navigate, looking more like a jigsaw puzzle than a comfy space to spend some time. Koningsdam, however, is designed for comfortable lounging and extended conversations, especially in venues such as the Queen’s Lounge and the Crow’s Nest (which may feature some of the best indoor views you’ll find anywhere on board). This o

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