Spoiled rotten. That’s how I felt on my first cruise and when it ended, I experienced a dark, cold crash back into reality. I knew I needed to sail again – and soon! The experience was like no other vacation I’d ever been on and I’d never felt so ‘spoiled’ on vacation. 7 ways a cruise spoils you rotten:

1. Amazing Views

At any point on your cruise, you pretty much have an amazing view of the world from somewhere on the ship. Whether you’re up early to see the sign rise over the horizon or out late to watch it dip back into the ocean, the scenery is stunning. And maybe, it’s just me, but I love seeing how blue, deep and expansive the ocean really is. Think about the views you’ll find in your ports too. Docking in St. Thomas is like being in a post card. Sailing through the canals of Venice gives you a unique bird’s eye view of one of Europe’s oldest cities. Depending on where you sail, you might even catch a glimpse of a volcano erupting into the night sky!

2. No Cleaning, Cooking or Chores

This might be one of my favorite ways to be spoiled on a ship. A room steward cleans my room twice

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