It’s no secret that cruising is an addiction for some people. You can never go on just one! But that addiction can lead to a severe lack of patience with the people who don’t “get” cruising. Namely, people who have never been on a cruise and believe all the misconceptions out there. It doesn’t help that habitual cruisers hear these statements all the time. So if you don’t want to get into a lengthy battle conversation with your friend who cruises, it’d be wise to avoid saying these things to them.

Cruises Aren’t Worth The Money

I know what you’re thinking, do people really still think this? Yes, they do. Cruisers still have to defend the value of their vacation constantly. The truth is, cruise vacations are just like any other vacation, it can be as luxurious or cheap as you want. A weekend getaway can be as cheap as $179 per person for 3 nights on the budget brand cruises. The same 3 nights on a luxury liner can run you closer to $1000 per person. No different than staying at a 3-star resort or a 5-star resort. Cruisers would even go as far as to argue that you actually get MORE value with a cruise, because you get to see many different countries or ports instead of just 1 boring resort.

Cruises Are Boring

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