I freely admit that I always hated school. I was that kid who was always daydreaming in class and doodling in his math book instead of figuring out the solution. But life lessons? I’m all about those. And since I became addicted to cruising a few years ago, I’ve picked up a few valuable nuggets of information that I thought others might find useful! 1. Resistance Is Futile Apparently, those pesky Borg from Star Trek knew a thing or two about the allure of Bingo. When I started cruising, I vowed that I would not waste money on so silly a game. Then, I wound up booking a package that included three free games of Bingo. The next thing you know, I was clutching a dabber in one hand, a good-luck troll in the other and perched on perpetually muttering, “I only need one more number!” 2. Wherever You Go, There You Are One thing I quic

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