IMG_0142You’ve spent your hard earned money on your vacation and now it’s time to kick off your flip-flops off and enjoy the cruise, right? In a perfect world that’s what happens, but so does the unexpected, like getting the sniffles or waking up in the middle of the night thirsting for bottle of water after a night out. Cruise vacations are overall an excellent deal, you unpack once, have endless food buffets and plenty of entertainment options – but on the other end they can be costly if you aren’t prepared. 7 Ridiculous Cruise Expenses 1. Shops. Getting a cold or needed Tylenol on a ship can get really expensive if you don’t have you own medication. On a recent sailing I got a cold and needed some NyQuil, went to the onboard shop and it was $17.99 for a bottle! Solution: Make a first aid checklist and pack the essentials like pain reliever, antacids, Imodium and band-aids. Making a first aid kit is a lot cheaper shore side. 2. Water. It’s funny to me that you’re surrounded by billions of gallons of water on a cruise ship and yet to get your hands on a bottled water it’s $3-$5 per liter. Solution: You’re allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages on ships,

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