Bermuda is one of my very favorite cruise destinations, and I am not alone in this opinion. Over the last several years, more cruise lines have been focusing on this beautiful destination by giving cruisers more ship choices and itinerary options.
Bermuda cruises are most popular during the summer, however you can cruise to Bermuda from April until about the end of October.
You might be wondering, why aren’t there cruises to Bermuda in the winter months? Well, Bermuda is actually located in the North Atlantic, and not in the Caribbean as some people may think. Although Bermuda is surely beautiful at any time of year, due to temperatures becoming cooler and rough sea conditions, the winter months are simply not optimal cruise weather.
Therefore, Bermuda is a perfect summer break destination. Even in the summer, although the weather is hot, it is nowhere near as hot and humid as a summer cruise in the Caribbean. Shoulder seasons will be more comfortable and less hot, as well as less crowded.

Here are the Top 7 Reasons to Cruise to Bermuda

1. Stay longer in port

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Have you ever found yourself enjoying a port so much, that you just didn’t want to board that ship at 5 o’clock? Maybe you just wished you could stay an extra day or two. Perhaps you’ve thought, if only we could explore in the evening, or even stay in port overnight. This is what you get when you cruise to Bermuda.
The majority of cruises are 5-7 day itineraries, which means that you will have about 2-3 days to explore Bermuda, at your own pace. If you want to go far, you can. If you want to check out the casino or night-life on the island, go for it! You can do as much as you want, all on your own schedule. As an experienced cruiser, I really value this!
Bermuda is also a destination that, if you were to fly in and stay at a hotel, would be quite pricey. After all

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