An interview I did this summer with Gio, the Hotel Director aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas.

Doug: Let’s talk about your background. How did you get from Italy to Majesty of the Seas?

Gio:  I am from Naples in Italy. I am a Hotel Director; I worked on Shoreside Hotels all my life. As well, I was happy and lucky to join Royal Caribbean a number of years ago. I have been delighted to work on a cruise line such as this one and the company itself.

Doug: How was it going from a land side hotel to sea?

Gio: In general, the basic objective is the same that you know we have to take care of guests and we have to deliver the ‘wow’, and we have to do everything possible to ensure that the guests have a fantastic vacation.

Of course, onboard we call it a cruise vacation, and on land they call it land vacation. It is basically the same. The difference is here is that you know you are really on a floating hotel that encompasses a number of activities that we would have also on land. Here you go from one destination to another. In addition to having a fantastic hotel product, we also give the opportunity for our guests to visit other destinations.

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