We spend hours searching for the best cruise deals. Cruise line websites, online searches, calling our travel agent and looking through dozens of “deal” emails – but did you know the deal of a lifetime could be right under your nose?

To Cruise Cheap, Try:

1. Booking during Hurricane Season. This is hands down the best time to cruise. It’s nothing to find a four night cruises in the Caribbean for $99 at times during hurricane season. 2. Repositioning Cruises. The cruise lines reposition ships to where the people go. In the spring, the cruise lines will pull their ships from the Caribbean and send them to Alaska and Europe. In the winter, the cruise lines will send those ships back to the warm Caribbean. I’ve seen transatlantic cruisers as low at $23 per day. Keep in mind you’ll still have to pay the airfare from the homeport on the other end. 3. Loyalty Programs. This can go from the ships casino program to art shops on board. If you spend enough money with certain co

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