I recently disembarked my very first cruise and it was awesome! While I was sailing I picked up some tips.  Some tips I already knew and some were things I probably wouldn’t have thought of. Here are a few cruise tips I learned.

1. Pre-pay Gratuities

Gratuities are very important to all of the crew that work so hard to make sure your cruise in enjoyable. Cruise lines will charge you a daily gratuity fee for the length of your cruise, between $11 to $13 dollars per person per day. You can have them charged to your account when you board or pay them before you sail (what I recommend). Don’t be one of the people taking gratuity charges off your bill, not only is it selfish, but it’s disrespectful to the crew that worked so hard to make sure you had a great vacation.

2. Purchase Travel Insurance

This was my first cruise and I was blessed to not have any medical or travel-related issues come up. However, things happen all the time, and no one thinks it will happen to them, unt

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