Geiranger, Norway

After sailing through the majestic fjords of Norway, it’s hard to even imagine a more breathtaking place on the planet.  During a Viking Cruises journey Into the Midnight Sun we were able to get a glimpse of this enchanting part of the world.  Here are 7 places we visited in Norway on this cruise with some inspiring images to feed your travel appetite.


places to see in norway honningsvag
Well north of the tree-line and the Arctic Circle, Honningsvåg is classified as the northernmost city in Norway.   Rich in history, this picturesque fishing village offers quaint homes, ethereal views, and Nordic culture steeped in northern tradition.
Nordkapp (the Norwegianize term for North Cape) is just a short drive from Honningsvåg and is the northernmost point in all of Europe.  The impressive visitor’s center has a range of offerings.  A short walk down into the heart of the cliff upon which the center is resting will allow you to see a cinematic presentation of North Cape throughout the seasons.  There is also a great place to eat Norwegian waffles and shop for souvenirs.
The iconic globe of North Cape overlooks a vast seaward expanse from a 1,000-foot cliff.
The midnight sun can be seen in Honningsvåg from May 14th to July 29th.  During this time the sun will be out 24 hours a day and only dip close to the horizon be

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