Our cruise group was asked to share at least one cruise tip, and we received hundreds of replies.  While you may not agree with all of them 100%, feel free to add your own to the list in the comments below.

These 67 cruise tips should help get the ball rolling and even give you some new ideas to help make your cruise even more amazing.
That’s our goal here at Cruise Fever, to help you have the best possible cruise vacation.
We sorted through the hundreds of great responses from veteran cruisers and listed their best (or funniest) cruise tips below.

  1. Chris S. – “Battery operated nightlights. Those fluorescent lights in the bathroom are brutal in the middle of the night.”
  2. Brenda M. – “Bring magnets & highlighter. Almost all the walls in cabins are metal. I put my Daily Bulletin on the wall & highlight things I don’t want to miss.”
  3. Steve S. – “Bring a multiplug.”
  4. Angie A. “Downy Wrinkle Releaser!”
  5. Garlanda J. – “Get one of these to charge your devices, extension cord won’t be needed then. Also highly recommend a portable cell charger for when you are in port so if you run low you can charge your phone on the spot & still take pics/videos if you want.”
  6. Christy N. – “Suction cups with hooks. Works wonders for drying swimsuits in windows!”
  7. Cassandra F. – “Volunteer for the game shows and contests! It’s all in good fun!!”
  8. Cheryl L. – “I line my suitcases with a garbage bag in case of bad weather at the Port then it doubles as a laundry bag during the cruise. Also, I take zip lock bags, they come in handy a lot! A med for every possible ailment and don’t forget sunglasses!”
  9. Dana R. – “Don’t over pack.”
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