A Piano Man In The Elevator

Sing us a song, you're the piano man.

Sing us a song, you’re the (elevator) piano man.

Currently only found aboard Anthem of the Seas, this new form of traveling entertainment can be found in a random elevator most days of your cruise. The back story explains the piano man was found as a stowaway and now, as a form of repayment, must entertain guests randomly throughout the cruise in an elevator. Doug Parker of Cruise Radio and I set aside a good chunk of time to track the piano man down during our recent Anthem of the Seas sailing. Let me tell you, it was worth it. A small elevator is suddenly turned into a mini party with your fellow guests. The piano man, designed to be quirky and funny, will keep you entertained for your whole ride. Or, you can be like Doug and I, and just ride the elevator with no destination just to be a part of the fun.

A Giant Giraffe

Of course there is a giant giraffe on deck, why wouldn’t there be? A new trend for Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships, each ship in the new class has featured a larger than life statue of a multicolored animal. Aboard Anthem of the Seas, Gigi the giraffe keeps a watchful eye over the stern of the ship, ensuring guests enjoy their time surfing on Flowrider, climbing the rockwall, or skydiving at Ripcord by iFly. Don’t forget to take a giraffe selfie with Gigi! #Gigi4Eva

An Elevator Of Animals

IMG_0785Royal Caribbean seems to be focused on making an elevator ride a unique experience. In addition to finding a random piano man in an elevator, Anthem of the Seas also hosts a full zoo of animal portraits. Each elevator is home to a different animal wearing an insane outfit. From a lion in a sports coats, a dog with a wig, and even a parakeet with a monocle, each elevator is sure to surprise you and offer a unique topic of conversation with your fellow elevator riders.

A Car That Bumps Other Cars

Also found aboard sister ship Quantum of the Seas, the bumper cars are still a huge “hit.” See what I did there? After spending perhaps too much time on the bumper cars aboard Quantum of the Seas, I thought I may have grown tired of the thrill. That turned out not to be the case. Bumper cars, in my experience, are the classic amusement ride that anyone of any age can relate to. Once you strap in and get going, you feel that thrill. You’ll find yourself not only going after family and friends, but fellow shipmates as well. In my case, I was riding in a green car and teamed up with the other two green cars to form a bumper car gang and rain down bumper justice to the other cars. It’s simply a fun and timeless experience only found aboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class ships.

An Observation Pod

Still terrifying and still incredible. Also found aboard sister Quantum of the Seas, North Star raises guests high above Anthem of the Seas to take in a bird’s eye view of the ship, the ocean, and the ports around them. The initial feeling of rising in a pod – at sea – is a little scary, but as the horizon comes into view and your fellow shipmates become dots, you can truly take in the incredible views this unique experience offers.

A New Way To Enter Staterooms

IMG_0868Our world is becoming more tech focused and Royal Caribbean has been taking notice. The Quantum Class ships, which are arguably the most innovative and technologically advanced at sea, offer a number of new technologies to create a more innovative and efficient guest experience. At the forefront of this new wave of tech are the RFID wristbands or WOWbands. These new wristbands, which can be purchased for a very small fee, essentially replace your old fashioned room key for all onboard uses. These bands can allow you to make purchases onboard, sign waivers for Ripcord, order drinks from the Bionic Bar, and coolest of all, open your stateroom door. Gone are the days of remembering to bring your room key with you everywhere, here are the days of wearing a key to your entire ship.

Royal Caribbean’s new Anthem of the Seas, while not a new class of ship, continues the innovation and enhancements introduced aboard Quantum of the Seas last year. However, Anthem of the Seas shines with her own light. In addition to these 6 significant features, Anthem of the Seas shines with a number of smaller and unique experiences to be had by her guests. Royal Caribbean isn’t in the business of building the same ship, but creating a familiar and unique experience aboard each ship.

Anthem of the Seas is currently sailing from Bayonne, New Jersey to the Bahamas and Caribbean. Beginning next summer, Anthem of the Seas will also begin offering sailings to Bermuda.

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