Cruises are a unique travel experience in that you can travel to multiple countries in one trip and you only have to unpack once. But sometimes there are ports that leave a little to be desired. Here are 6 ports where you might choose to stay onboard instead.

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Aside from the beach day getaways and snorkeling excursions that are common to every port in the Caribbean, there’s not much to do in Freeport. If you’re a frequent cruiser, you may prefer to just stay on the ship and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

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  1. Len

    We have been to all of these ports more than once except Puerto Vallarta, only one time there. I have to agree with the author on this piece. We did enjoy P. V. but we were there before it became so dangerous. To me Freeport and Nassau are a complete waste of time and money. Some cruise lines that call on those to ports also include Key West which we enjoy. Jamaica is the worst of these ports if you do not do an organized tour. You will be hassled as soon as you leave the port terminal. Buy this buy that constantly and if you say no they may well cuss you out. Progresso has a little shop area right at the end of the pier where the ship docks it is ok. Go there and look around have an adult beverage if you wish then head back and enjoy the rest of the day on board. I enjoy the long tender ride to shore at Belize but it can be a hassle as described. Again on Belize a frosty beverage and back to a relaxing day on board.


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