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Viking_Cruises_tcm61-37443A stateroom is a home away from home. Whether you’re sailing for just a few nights or a few weeks, we all like a nice space to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge. Viking Cruises, aligning with their mission to create a truly special cruise experience, does not disappoint with their staterooms. From the fluffiest pillows I’ve ever slept with to a full table on the balcony, I found many reasons to love my stateroom aboard Viking Star. However, 6 specific features and touches truly stood out to me.

USB Heaven

As a millennial and self diagnosed iPhone addict, I appreciate a good USB outlet. However, Viking Cruises went above and beyond when it comes to serving up the juice my devices need. Conveniently located alongside the base of the desk lamp, 5 USB outlets make it easy to charge all of your devices at the same time. Many ships only feature one or two USB outlets per stateroom: Viking is miles ahead of the pack. So, whether you’re traveling with your family or just have a million devices as I do, you’ll find no shortage of charging ports.


Heated Bathroom Floors

Some people can’t stand nails on a chalkboard, water on a balloon, but for me it’s that cold shock after stepping out of a warm shower. Viking Cruises has designed their stateroom bathrooms to feature a toasty base. You’ll find stepping into the already oversized bathroom is so much more enjoyable with a warm surface to step on.

Smart Night Lighting

I am that guy that trips over random objects at night if I’m completely left in the dark. I’m a huge fan of hotels that incorporate lighting along the base of the bed or near the main entryway. Continuing my delight with my stateroom, I was ecstatic to find a discreet, low level light near the bathroom in my Viking Cruises stateroom. Conveniently controlled by a switch near the bed, it’s easier than ever to navigate your stateroom at night.

low level lighting

A Truly Impressive Bathroom

Of all things to compliment, a simple bathroom seems strange. Not on Viking Cruises. Upon first glance, you’ll notice these bathrooms are much more spacious than many other cruise ships. The showers are significantly spacious, shelf space is abundant, and there is plenty of lighting. Like I said, a bathroom may seem simple, but Viking Cruises has truly raised the bar.

Quenching My Thirst

When I first waked into my stateroom, I noticed a blue pitcher of water and two cups on my desk. Replenished daily, this little luxurious touch makes you simply feel pampered. Rather than drink the tap water out of your faucet, you can pour yourself a cool glass of water anytime throughout the day. It’s a small thing, but it’s something that’s unique and makes you realize that Viking Cruises has put a lot of thought into their onboard experience.


AC Efficiency 

I’m all for cruise ships being responsible stewards of the environment. I mean, who isn’t? Many cruise lines suggest keeping your balcony door closed when using the air conditioning to save energy and preserve the cool environment in your stateroom. Aboard Viking Cruises, your balcony door must be closed and locked to activate your air conditioning. This serves to cut down on wasted energy and ensure your stateroom stays at the perfect temperature.

The Other Little Things That Made A Big Difference

  • Lights in the closet.
  • A light on the balcony.
  • A coffee machine located in the stateroom.
  • A full table for dining on the balcony.
  • Binoculars for sightseeing.*
  • A large TV loaded with popular shows, movies, and port information.
  • Plenty of storage space throughout the stateroom.
  • A complimentary mini bar.*


*In select cabin categories

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