Get seasick one time and it could be a deal breaker to whether you cruise again – or maybe not. Try this five tips on your next cruise to see if it eases the queasiness.

1. Book itineraries with few sea days

This is kind of a no-brainer.  If you have a tendency to become seasick, the fewer sea days your cruise’s itinerary has, the less time you have to spend at sea.  Do keep in mind though that if you’ve never been on a cruise, but know you are prone to seasickness on smaller boats, it won’t necessarily be the same on a massive cruise ship.  Because of their size, if you have calm seas, chances are you might hardly notice you’re on the ocean and moving at all.  If you do know that it will be an issue though, read on.

2. Book low and center

Because of the nautical engineering of cruise ships and the way they

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