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In the 90’s, cruise vacations were all about being disconnected. Calling home was $9.99 per minute on the ship’s phone and internet at sea, well, didn’t exist.  Thankfully these days it’s much more affordable to talk, text, and surf the internet at sea – if you know what you’re doing.

If you’re traveling out of the country, consider getting a data plan or just keeping your phone on airplane mode. Most smartphones are set up to retrieve your emails periodically, doing so out of the country can cost you BIG – to the tune of $19.95 per meg.

For comparisons sake, an iPhone 6 photo is 6 megs before it’s reduced.

Just because your phone has signal doesn’t mean it’s cheap to use. Don’t assume that because you can use your phone on a ship that it’s part of your voice plan – because it’s not.

Once your ship is approximately 12-miles off the coast, your signal switches to satellite or better known to us as Cellular at Sea. That will cost you $2.49 per minute and $.50 per text applies (fees may vary).

You can get international packages for fairly cheap. If you have AT&T you can get 200 international texts for $30 and 300 megs of data for $60. Along with data and text you can get reduced voice plans as well. Depending on your provider you can expect to pay at least .99 per minute.

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