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Vacations are always special, whether it is a solo vacation or a full-family trip. If anybody gets a chance at spending the whole holiday on a cruise, then it unfolds other aspects of a vacation as well. The on-board and off-shore activities are going to stay as cherished memories forever.

However, as the cruise vacations sound cool and fun, it doesn’t turn out the same always. It happens only because some of the cruise ship companies do not provide the exact thing one might look for in a ‘standard’ cruise vacation. As a result, the trip may end with a giant ship filled up with large numbers of people, where one might need to stand in a queue to get to the buffet.



The whole perspective got changed after the evolution of the concept of ‘luxury cruise.’ These luxury cruises offer some extra delights that can be considered as rewarding and benefitting. Cozy and elegant accommodation, refined services, and high-end cuisines are some of the main attractions of these luxury cruises.

Here in this article, I’m about to guide you with the reasons for choosing luxury cruises for your next vacation.

Sophisticated and Relaxing Accommodation

The luxury cruises are not about filling up every nook and corner of the ship with unlimited guests. The luxury yachts believe in accommodating fewer people in high space area so that one can have the ultimate private and intimate experience they are looking for. It is needless to say that all the rooms are well-furnished and well-maintained to give you a relaxing accommodation experience. Plus, most of the rooms of the yachts have a private balcony so that you can enjoy the view of the beautiful seas. Solo travelers can also find the trip exciting because fewer people on the cruise can make you feel that you are in your own private yacht. You can book a luxury cruise on ponant.com.

© PONANT François Lefebvre

© PONANT François Lefebvre

Amazing Itineraries

The compact size of the yachts lets you enjoy some fantastic destinations that are never possible in large gigantic-like ships. The cruise lines have itineraries set in such ways that you can never miss the rich and diverse discoveries around the world. Apart from the off-shore activities like enjoying an authentic Tango show in Buenos Aires or a tour around the breweries in New England, one can also enjoy the sailing between the icebergs in Antarctica, or arranging an expedition to remote lands of Alaska.

© Studio PONANT-Servane Roy-Berton

© Studio PONANT-Servane Roy-Berton

Dine Like Never Before

Neither you need to wait in the long buffet line, nor you have to dine in a packed common dining area, you can taste amazing food in your own comfort zone. The luxury cruises have an overwhelming menu for meals and wines to make your taste-buds go crazy. Deliciously prepared cuisine, which smells incredible, to fine vintage wines are everything the luxury cruises will offer you.

© PONANT-François Lefebvre

© PONANT-François Lefebvre

Value for Money

While going for a tour one needs to pay individually for great food, entertainment, accommodation plus the transport charges to visit some other destinations. As everything gets included in the luxury cruise package, then one need not worry about additional expenses at all. Some luxury cruise lines also offer some free perks along with the package, you need to check all the details before buying luxury cruise tour package.

Less Planning & Having Almost Everything

Yes, you only need to pick a luxury cruise line and package. The remainder of the plan will be handled by the cruise line itself. Unlike all the other vacations, you don’t need to book flight tickets or arrange accommodation in advance to avoid any confusion.

On the other hand, luxury cruises have almost everything that you need. From Wi-Fi to cell phone service or from satellite TV to the gym, you will never feel detached from the world.

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© PONANT Mike Louagie [email protected]


If you are planning a tour with your family or want to go for a solo trip, the luxury cruise vacation can be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of their age. Don’t be afraid if you are a first-timer, go for the luxury cruise vacation to have such an experience, which you can always cherish for the rest of your life.

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