By Sarah Phillips A cruise ship is your (moving) home away from home during your vacation. Just like every house is different, every ship is just a little bit different too.  So, how do you learn more about your cruise ship? We’ve done the research and got you covered.

5 Places to Research:

1. Cruise Forums (Cruise Critic,, Cruise-Addicts, etc). There are a lot of cruise forums out there and they’re chock full of info about different cruise ships. Some are far more detailed than others, but they’re all a pretty good place to find the answers to your ship questions. 2. YouTube. When Doug found out he was sailing on the Carnival Sunshine, he was super excited. Every day for the past few months, he’s been searching Carnival Sunshine on YouTube to find anything new. To his dismay, there weren’t a lot of videos up yet on the newly revamped ship – at first. As his sailing got closer, more and more videos and pictures s

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