I will admit it.   Cruising might not be for everyone.  It pains me to even write those words.  I can’t imagine why anyone would not want to go on a cruise, but I will concede that point.

However, there are some excuses I’ve heard as to why some people refuse to cruise.   And I’m here today to refute those excuses.
There is a cruise ship for just about everyone.  So, let’s take a look at 5 ships that will bring down the hammer on any of these excuses for not cruising.
For each excuse for not cruising I will list a cruise ship as an answer.  And if you disagree or think another ship answers the excuse, please feel free to tell me where I’m wrong in the comments below.

Excuse #1: “There isn’t anything to do on a cruise.  I’ll be bored onboard.”

Answer: Symphony of the Seas (or other Oasis class ships)
Symphony of the seas things to do
This is a very easy excuse to overcome.  I just sailed on Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas last month and even though it was my second time being on an Oasis Class cruise ship, I was still amazed at just how many things you can do on this vessel.
As the largest ship class in the world, there is a lot of space to make all the fun happen.   Not only are there a myriad of shows to see in the main theater and at Aquatheater (the incredible water shows with dramatic stunts and choreography), but there is also Studio B.  This is the skating rink that features lively shows on ice and is also used for cruisers to skate on as well.
What else can you do on this ship?  Let me rattle off just a few activities you can enjoy

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