We’ve heard it time and time again, a friend, a neighbor, or relative, talking bad about cruises. Giving excuse after excuse of why they’ll never understand why you waste your money on a cruise vacation.

Here are the top 17 cruise lies I’ve heard:

1. Only For Old People
I personally have been cruising since I was a kid; more and more college students and young families are discovering spring break cruises. Get the Titanic mindset out of your mind, it’s not 1912 anymore and everyone on board is not super rich and 90.
2. Drinking Costs Too Much 
Not sure where you’ve been drinking, but a beer in NYC cost me $7 a bottle. Depending on the brand, you can expect to pay around $5-$6 for beer and around $7 for a cocktail on a cruise ship. Frozen drinks – a little more. If you have a set budget, you could look into a pre-paid drink package. When all else fails, bring two bottles of wine (you’re allowed).
3. Too Confining 
When someone says this about cruising, I immediately wonder if they’ve only seen cruise ships in the movies. There isn’t one area on ships these days that make you feel claustrophobic. Now days ships are moving away from building venues like a tight jigsaw puzzle and focusing more on space and the connection to the sea.
4. Too Formal 
As tradition would have it, most cruise lines are still doing formal or elegant nigh

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