I’d consider myself an expert cruiser at this point, but let’s face it, I still need work to be an even better cruiser. Thinking of the upcoming year, I couldn’t help but think how I can improve my cruising style. So, for 2016, I’m aiming to improve with these 16 cruise resolutions.

1) Book more cruises. (Something we should all do.)

2) Explore new ports and itineraries.

3) Pack lighter and more efficiently.

4) Attend muster drill EVERY sailing.

5) Take only what I’ll eat from the buffet.

6) Don’t leave random dishes or cups in corridors.

7) Take the stairs versus the elevator.

8) Purchase shore excursions through the cruise line.

9) Arrive for embarkation a day prior to avoid missing the ship.

10) Skip an ice cream cone and find the jogging track.

11) Get off of my iPhone and enjoy the ship.

12) Take another cruise with Viking Cruises.

13) Book my cruises through a CLIA accredited travel agent.

14) Try a new cruise line. (I’m looking at you, Ponant.)

15) Stop losing my room key. (Seriously, this is a horrible issue with me.)

16) Keep cruising!

What are your cruise resolutions for 2016?

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