Cruise vacations are meant to be fun. Aside from exploring new destinations around the globe and diving into the food and entertainment offered on the cruise ships, I always like to make time to play.

And cruise ships offer sports galore for those of us who love a little competition or exercise. Ships feature a full range of sporting choices that are ideal for whether you want to break a sweat or simply have a blast with your fellow cruisers.

Table Tennis

Most of us call it ping-pong. Table tennis makes it sound more like a real sport, I suppose. Almost every cruise ship offers at least one or two tables usually in close proximity to the pool area. A ping-pong tournament will often be on the program during your cruise.


Another cruise ship classic, you will find the shuffleboard courts either on the promenade decks or somewhere up at the top of the ship. It can be a great diversion to play for an hour or so while enjoying the views of the horizon as the ship

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