Written by Don Bucolo While the average cruise lasts about 7 days, that doesn’t mean you have to take a full week out of work to enjoy a little fun in the sun. There are plenty of great cruise itineraries that are shorter in duration, some only three days long! More cruise lines are offering these mini-breaks sailing from popular ports like Port Canaveral and Miami. Yes, even we New Englanders can hop on a plane to take advantage of these voyages! After being on many 7+ night cruises, we thought we were well prepared for our recent 3 day Bahamas escape. But after our experience, we now know that there are differences between long and short cruises. Armed with all of the know-how it takes to successfully execute a short cruise, we want to share this new found wisdom with you!


1. Make pre-cruise reservations – If your cruise allows you to pre-book things like shows and dinner, we suggest you book them ahead of time. Even if you decide to change plans, you can usually cancel these reservations with no penalty. 2. Make transportation plans – If you are flying or even driving, you want to make sure you have things like transportation to and from the pier or parking squared away before you leave. You would hate to waste time during your short trip making these arrangements. 3. See the shows

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