It seems like every cruise line is trying to make their newest ships as big as possible.  These new ships have racetracks, rope’s courses, sky-diving simulators and things previously thought impossible at sea.
And I must say that it is rather exciting to sail on a 200,000+ ton ship that is almost four football fields in length.
But a few recent sailings on smaller cruise ships (Enchantment of the Seas and Zaandam) helped me really appreciate what small cruise ships have to offer.  There is a reason so many passengers just love to cruise on ships that are 60,000 tons and smaller.
One reason some smaller ships are overlooked is the simple fact that many of them are also older ships.  And you know how we all love shiny new things that still have that fresh out of dry dock smell.
Here are 11 great reasons to cruise on a smaller cruise ship, and why you should at least consider a getaway on one of these fantastic vessels.

Lower Cost

This factor could be #1 for a lot of you.  After all, the cheaper your cruise the more cruises you can afford to go on.  The newer and larger ships always come at a premium, while you can find some amazing bargains on smaller cruise ships.    It’s not uncomm

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