MSC Cruises, the leader in the European cruise market, is making waves as the cruise line jockeys for position in the #1 cruise market in the world, the Caribbean.

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down the CEO of MSC Cruises, Gianni Onorato, and we discussed ten different ways that the cruise line is going to elevate the Caribbean cruise experience. If you’re not familiar with MSC Cruises and love cruising to the warm waters of the Caribbean, here are ten exciting features coming to MSC and the Caribbean.
11 New Cruise Ships – MSC Cruises has an astounding 11 new cruise ships scheduled to debut in the next 10 years.  Two of those ships, MSC Seaside and a Meraviglia class ship, will be sailing out of PortMiami by 2019. MSC Seaside will be christened in PortMiami this December and promises to be unlike any other cruise ship ever built. Not only will the ship turn heads, but the ship will of

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