Short cruises are great for families with tight time or budget constraints. If you decide to sail away on a quick cruise vacation, make sure to follow these tips: 1. Pick the right itinerary Short cruise itineraries include a varying number of in-port and sea days, so choose the option that best fits your preferences. Some people find “at sea” days boring, while others enjoy the chance to relax and unwind aboard their floating resort. If you’ve cruised often, you might want to choose an itinerary that includes some of the cruise lines’ newer destinations. 2. Choose flights wisely Flight cancellations and delays are common these days. Government regulations require all cruise passengers to check in at least 90 minutes before departure or be denied boarding. Some cruise lines require arrival 2 or more hours before departure – make sure to check in advance. With a short cruise, you have little time to spare if you miss the ship. Avoid tight flight connections, plan to arrive at your departure port early in the day, or get there a day in advance and spend the night. If you purchase an air-sea package through the cruise line, it’s possible that the ship might be held in the event of flight delays – but don’

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